Project D.E.B.U.N.K. - Dyslexia Educational Bandwagon, Uniting Noteworthy Kids!
Family Gathering
Disney World 2014!

Project D.E.B.U.N.K. hosted a 
at Disney World, Florida April 30- May 2!
Sorry if you didn't get to join us this year.  
If you want to follow our activities as families post from the event,
use #dfgDisney14 

Photos from event shown at bottom of page.  Thank you families for sharing!

 Dyslexic Families Need Fun!
There is a lot of focus on the educational piece of dyslexia, but not a lot of understanding about the emotional affects.  Many of our children find themselves feeling that something is wrong with them, alone, misunderstood, different, friendless, and more.  We KNOW from studies that our kids are at an increased risk for issues such as dropping out of school, drugs and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, prison sentences and suicides.  It is heartbreaking that these children can be ready to give up by third grade.  This is why we feel it is so important for these kids to understand they are not alone and they are NOTEWORTHY!  Noteworthy means remarkable, interesting, important, significant, extraordinary, outstanding, exceptional and notable.  We as adults in their lives, need to make sure they realize they are all those things and more.  We need to bring them together with mentors and other people they can look to and who will share their stories so our kids can find their gifts and say  "I can do this too!"

Jovan Haye,  retired NFL player and now author of the book, BIGGER THAN ME, will be joining us for the three days.  He is motivational and wants to participate in all we are doing.  He will be autographing his books as well, so make sure to get a copy and read it before you come!

Jovan Haye's bookJovan HayeJovan HayeJovan Haye

Dr. David Hunt, PsyD. will be joining us and sharing his own journey with dyslexia.  We look forward to spending time together with him as well.  

We have found that both the children and the families need support and when families come together that understand one another, great things are happening.  Friendships are forming, children and parents are feeling empowered and not alone, and education about dyslexia spreads.  This is helping both the child and the parents in a way that is strengthening and uniting families that were beginning to break down due to the nonstop stresses of living with dyslexia, the schools, society, as well as the misunderstood language issues within the home.  
 We must spend equal time addressing this side of dyslexia.  

 We hope to encourage each of you to celebrate who you are and your own learning styles.  This event is to support your children and your families by uniting together for fun, encouragement, and friendship, in hopes you will feel empowered to reach out and share the same hope and encouragement with others in your states once returning home.


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