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In-Service School Workshops:

We offer a "Dyslexia for a Day" Simulation Workshop, created by the Dyslexia Training Institute. This workshop is the first step in getting your staff to understand what dyslexia looks and feels like.  Without this experience, it is very difficult to reach this population of students.  However, once you can recognize it in your students, and show understanding, your classroom experiences will begin to change.  

Please call for more information and custom options.

"Dyslexia For A Day" ($500)
"Dyslexia For A Day" ($500)
A Simulation workshop. (4 hours) This workshop walks participants through five different simulations: two reading, two writing and one processing simulation. It is designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of and empathy for those children and adults who struggle with dyslexia. We also debunk the old myths still surrounding dyslexia and begin to provide information and options to help move your school in the right direction in helping this particular population of students.

Quotes from Maine Public Schools:

I feel very fortunate to have attended a Dyslexia workshop sponsored by Project DEBUNK on a Saturday in April of 2013. The simulation exercise was extremely helpful in understanding the struggles many of our students face.  In January of 2014 Linda came to Katahdin Elementary and presented this same workshop to our entire Pre K-6 staff. Staff members were inspired by the information Linda presented and immediately wanted to learn more about how to better serve our learners who have these challenges. 

If you are looking for a meaningful professional development opportunity for your staff that will have an immediate impact on instruction and learning ~ I would highly recommend Linda’s workshop!

Chris Cunningham
Katahdin Elementary Principal

June 2015:  EVERYONE is buzzing about your presentation. You hit the mark. We are all hungry to learn more. You kept it REAL, honored that we are doing our best, and pointed out in a respectful way what we are clearly missing for this population.  We were impressed on every level and look forward to working with you again.

Christine Boone
George B. Weatherbee School

"I was able to be in the shoes of a dyslexic child. The simulations were greatly valuable and opened my eyes to the great need of teachers to identify and help their students as early as possible. Dyslexia is real, it is not going away! It is our responsibility to help these kids be as successful as they can be!" 
Stephanie Seccareccia, Kindergarten teacher, Bangor, Maine

I have taught at several levels from K-Post secondary and am now a learning specialist at a small private college.  I have worked with dyslexic students at all of these levels.  This workshop was an excellent introduction and review for me.  The simulations were very powerful in helping to understand the daily lives of those (young and old) who have dyslexia.  We need much more education and understanding about how to work with students who have dyslexia.  These workshops should be presented to every school system in Maine.
Greg Perkins, Unity College

"Teachers need to be informed about Dyslexia. We have more students struggling with this than we know. Helping students early on could change lives."
 Teacher Grade 4

I was overwhelmed and stressed when I was asked to do tasks that simulated being dyslexic.  I have felt that I am compassionate as I work with students in Reading Recovery.  I am reminded that their well being and futures can be far better with the proper educational opportunities. Thank you for a powerful workshop.

"Dyslexia for a Day" was a very helpful workshop.  I obtained a certificate of advanced study on reading disabilities.  I took the workshop training for Fast for Word and I work daily with children who would be correctly be labeled dyslexic.  However, none of these previous experiences have prepared me as well as today's seminar to understand this disorder from the perspective of my students.  Thank you for this experience.
Jennifer Abbott Perkins, Speech-Language Pathologist

"Despite being a special ed teacher who works with some dyslexic children I found this workshop immensely informative/educational.  As a special ed teacher I also see many students not qualify for special education but are still struggling in school.  These students are usually "dyslexic" or show signs of dyslexia.  I would LOVE to see more done so my co-workers who teach regular education can work more successfully with these students.  These kids have so much to offer but often times don't see this because of anxiety, frustration etc. and most of all ineffective instruction.
My 13 yr. old son struggles with dyslexia so I see it at home as well.  The school system isn't helping him the way they should because they don't know how to.  It has fallen on my husband and I who both work full time."

"I found this to be very informative.  As a teacher I began to think about and question how I do things in the classroom, and how can I improve my skills to help these children in my classroom.  I am tired of watching these children slip through the cracks.
I have signed up for the Orton-Gillingham training, hoping not only to learn ways to help my students, but also to become a tutor outside of school.  
Thank you for a very valuable workshop!"
Ruth Gomes,  3rd Grade Teacher

Even though I already know a fair amount about dyslexia, and work with students, I still found this simulation to be very informative.  It helps one to truly experience the frustrations.
Tutor, O-G trained

I wish this simulation had been available to all of the teachers I have worked with and to all of the teachers in my son's past.  The research is there.  The appalling lack of understanding is costing our children and our society an incalcuable loss of valid contribution to the betterment of our world.  For every famous dyslexic who helped make the world a better more beautiful place, there are countless other lost souls debilitated by their send of failure.
Former Special Ed Teacher, Current Mom of home-schooled dyslexic

Working at the high school level with students who cannot read, this presentation made e question - Why have they not been tested for dyslexia and why are they not receiving tools, help, etc.

Today changed my views/opinions on dyslexia - Also, thought of certain students that I teach in my special ed classes.
9-12 Special Ed

WOW!  What a great presentation on dyslexia.  As an ed tech, I have had very limited exposure to learning about dyslexia.  The things we learned in our workshop will help tremendously with some of our students.  The myth vs. fact section was also wonderful.  Thank you.
Beth Somers

What a wonderful workshop.  The simulations were a great way to open my eyes to the symptoms and struggles of a dyslexic individual.
I had heard of dyslexia, but didn't realize there were so many signs or how difficult and inefficient those people with dyslexia may feel.
I hope to take the material I learned and find ways to incorporate this in my classroom on a daily basis.
Grade 2

I found this workshop on dyslexia to be informative and thought provoking.  As an educator I have always tried to individualize for my students, taking their learning styles into consideration.
I learned facts about dyslexia today that I really DID NOT know.  These facts NEED to get out to all educators!
Thank you for the workshop today.  It was factual, useful, interesting and fun!

This training was extremely helpful for me in regard to empathizing and understanding where my struggling students are coming from.  I would like to learn more about the diagnostic screening for dyslexia.  Thanks!!

I really liked the simulations we did in this workshop.  It really opened my eyes, as a teacher, to how students with dyslexia feel on a daily basis.  the struggle and the discouragement they must feel every day must be unbearable.  It really had made me more sympathetic to them.
I also gained tools through this workshop to help me as a teacher identify dysleixa like tendencies in my classroom.
Aimee Putnam,  5th and 6th grade teacher

Fabulous workshop on a much needed area - dyslexia.  I gained so much insight into how a dyslexic child feels, how they struggle, and why they give up!
Sarah Sedgwick, Kindergarten

I really learned a lot from this workshop mostly through the simulation activities.  This gave me a good understanding of what it is like for a dyslexic.  This approach was very effective and will make me more aware of a child's struggle.  Thank you!

Thank you for opening the eyes of my staff to this invisible barrier to learning.  It is my hope that your words have inspired my teachers to look closer at their students needs. Recommendations - for teachers I would recommend making this training 5-6 hours and being able to spend time on classroom accommodations and modifications that can be used in teacher's classrooms.

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