Project D.E.B.U.N.K. - Dyslexia Educational Bandwagon, Uniting Noteworthy Kids!
"I was surprised by how much I learned at the Dyslexia simulation. I realized I really didn't know much at all about Dyslexia, and now I have a much better understanding of how it is a problem with decoding. I even discovered that I may be dealing with mild dyslexia myself, and the tools I used to get past the hard things in my schooling might be beneficial to children I come into contact with in my future career as a Speech Language Pathologist. Once I left the simulation, I felt very excited to spread the word about the importance of Dyslexia awareness, and I am encouraging everyone I know who works with children (or will someday) to participate in the Dyslexia workshop."
Kate Breau (Speech Language Major - UMaine)
Comments from our
April 13, 2013 - "Dyslexia for a Day" Workshop!
"This program is well worth attending if you really want a true understanding of what your child/student goes through on a daily basis to learn. I highly recommend that you attend this seminar, totally worth your time and you will leave with a true appreciation of what it is like to be dyslexic! Coming from a parent of two dyslexic boys" - Dawn Beswick, Maine

"This training helped me to understand what my daughter has to go through day to day! It made me aware I need to stop "timing" everything ALL the time!! " - Parent Nicole from St. Albans, Maine

"I am a college student in the field of Education. If you are a teacher or going to be one, you MUST take a workshop like this. Learning about this will make you more aware, mindful, and overall a better teacher for all your students." Monica N., EMCC & UMO

"Thank you for hosting this very worthwhile workshop! I am going to find a way to bring this professional development to my staff!" Chris Cunningham, Katahdin Elementary Principal

"I was able to be in the shoes of a dyslexic child. The simulations were greatly valuable and opened my eyes to the great need of teachers to identify and help their students as early as possible. Dyslexia is real, it is not going away! It is our responsibility to help these kids be as successful as they can be!" Stephanie Seccareccia, Kindergarten teacher, Bangor, Maine

"Teachers need to be informed about Dyslexia. We have more students struggling with this than we know. Helping students early on could change lives." Teacher Grade 4

"If you're a parent, teacher, or friend of someone with dyslexia, this workshop is a must. It was like a window into the life of someone with this widely misunderstood and underestimated struggle. What a wonderful way to get a better picture of how to help these individuals reach their full potential. Why should one disadvantage define a person regardless of their many talents and gifts?" Rebecca Hinchliffe

"I think this program is a powerful way to help a person understand the complexities of problems that a person with dyslexia deals with on an everyday basis. I think it should be a mandatory experience for all classroom educators." Sharon Fields, RN, Frankfot, Maine

"The fear of failure is often something that prevents us from taking a risk that can have profound gains. For children with dyslexia the fear is often a harsh reality - held back in school, failed tests, lack of social acceptance, and no way to cope . . . really the list goes on.

After going through the dyslexia simulation, as a potential therapist and mentor, it is so important that we care enough to empower, encourage, and instill hope in these individuals that feel defeat and shame. We need to stop allowing dollar figures to prevent the timely intervention needed.

There has always been a need for change within educational and medical systems. I can only hope in 2013, Project DEBUNK ignites the beginning of the change we need to see. I am so thankful I had the chance to attend."

Jennifer Westebbe, Center Rutland, Vermont

CSD Major, University of Maine
"A valuable experience. Makes me appreciate being able to read and write without the obstacles dyslexics have, and to be able to walk out of the room and not have to deal with these issues on a daily basis." Jon, Carmel, Maine
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