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Who will benefit from a tutor?
Students with dyslexia, as well as other children, who struggle with spelling.  These children can't retain their spelling words from one week to the next, and they can't spell when writing sentences or stories - not even those high frequency words like because, friend, and does,  AND  they all can read (up to a point), yet they have great difficulty sounding out an unknown word - despite being taught phonics.
We refer to tutors using the Orton-Gillingham, scientifically proven method of teaching dyslexic students!
Here at Project D.E.B.U.N.K. we know that using an Orton-Gillingham based system is key to helping  dyslexic students learn to read accurately, with more fluency and become better at spelling words.  You will find many different "reading" tutors and systems on the market, however, it is important to know if they have been proven to work with dyslexic students.
We know that the BARTON READING & SPELLING SYSTEM is one of, if not the best program available.  It is an Orton-Gillingham Influenced Simultaneously Multisensory Explicit and Systematic Phonics Program.  We understand that the description is a mouthful!  What you need to know is that as a student progresses through the different "Levels" of the system, they are taught spelling as strongly as reading, as well as grammar, basic punctuation, fluency, prosody (reading outloud with good phrasing), morphology, and more.  
Project DEBUNK is compiling a list of Independent Tutors, who are trained in and use the Barton Reading & Spelling System for that reason. We will also keep a list of other Orton-Gillingham trained tutors.
 Susan Barton doing a demonstration of her program.
A Barton student must:

Be at least 5 years old and in kindergarten 
• Can speak and comprehend spoken English
This is not for children with a receptive or expressive language disorder.
This is also not an ESL program.
A non-native English speaker must be able to speak and understand spoken English at a second grade level.
• Have an IQ of 70 or higher
• Struggles with spelling when writing stories, and cannot easily sound out unknown words when reading.
If someone can already read accurately and rapidly, but only has trouble with comprehension, they may have Aspergers or Hyperlexia. The Barton System is not appropriate for that type of student.
     Meet our tutors:
Linda Goodness
Dyslexia Consultant/Screener 
Certified Barton Tutor

Linda lives in Carmel, Maine (just outside Bangor) and has been teaching children for a long time, and in many different settings from Pre-K to high school.  It is the varied experiences, both professionally and personally, that have molded her into the educator she has become today.  Without going through the personal experiences of trying to seek out why her son was not thriving in school, she may never have developed the skills to look deeper into children and what they are saying through their behaviors, work samples and stories.  Linda will share more information if asked about her own personal journey, but is thankful to the International Dyslexia Association and Susan Barton for all they have done in the field of dyslexia.  Linda and her son Matt attended an annual IDA convention and were inspired to continue to try to make a difference.  As time went by,  Linda began receiving phone calls from parents from all over. Parents were feeling confused, hurt, angry and lost, not knowing what to do.  She and her son Matt began tutoring once again from their home.  As word began to spread, the mission to try to educate the community and our teachers about dyslexia was started and the "Dyslexia for a Day" workshops began.  

Linda decided to continue her education in the field of dyslexia.  After tutoring for 10+ years, in 2014 she went for certification testing and became certified by Susan Barton herself. 

 Linda completed a 48-hour graduate level course: Screening for Dyslexia, to learn how to accurately screen children and adults for dyslexia.  Linda now has earned the title of:

Dyslexia Consultant/Screener 
Certified Barton Tutor

You will find Linda's name on Susan Barton's referral list for screeners in Maine.  

The need is great, and the workers are few . . .  so began Project D.E.B.U.N.K.

Please call 307-223-7325 or 207-659-1080(cell) for more information.

Kristin Schroder

Kristin is an Orton Gillingham trained Dyslexia Specialist living in Naples, Maine.  During 20 years as an early childhood teacher she became aware of the struggles some children were facing in Language Arts classes.  Sitting in on student Special Education meetings , and working with support service providers, she realized that this was a field that she wanted to pursue as a career.  She therefore enrolled in and completed the Dyslexia Specialist Preparation Program with Neuhaus Education Center in Bellaire, Texas in 2006.  During that time, she completed over 700 hours of supervised teaching in order to complete the program.  She was then able to use these new skills in the classroom and in her private practice.  One of her greatest joys is to watch as her students become successful, joyful, confident readers and writers with  newfound self-esteem.

Contact information: 
Kristin Schroder
Naples, Maine

 Matthew Goodness

Update: Matthew has moved to Florida to attend the National Aviation Academy.  Matthew has been a big part of Project DEBUNK and always will be.  We are excited for him as he works towards a special career! His students will miss him.
Update:  Matthew is back in town and earned his A&P Mechanics license from the FAA.  He is working in Bangor full-time gaining experience to continue to grow in his aviation career.
Matt has trained in levels 1-3 so far, and enjoys working with junior high and teens. He has been a great mentor to many youth as he too is dyslexic and remembers what it was like in school.

Debbie Mallar
Dyslexia Consultant/Screener

Debbie Mallar lives in Holden, Maine.  She is married with two grown children and has recently retired from teaching school as a special education teacher for 25 years with experience from K-8. Debbie's passion is to help people with dyslexia by tutoring, screening and consulting.  She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method and is currently training in the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  In the summer of 2013, she completed a 48-hour graduate level course: Screening for Dyslexia, to learn how to screen both children and adults.
You will find Debbie's name on Susan Barton's referral list for screeners in Maine.  

Please call Debbie for more information at:  207-843-6579 


Patty Carton

Patty is a certified Orton Gillingham tutor and I specialize in teaching reading to dyslexic children using a multi-sensory, explicit and accumulative approach. I am also trained by Susan Barton to perform dyslexia screenings. In addition to being a reading tutor, I am also a parent of a dyslexic child and feel strongly that no child should be left to feel less than because it is harder for them to learn to read. I am dedicated to helping each child reach their highest potential.

Contact information: 
Patty Carton
Brunswick, Maine207-837-4670


Sarah Rimkunas

Sarah is a certified Orton Gillingham Tutor living in Gorham, Maine. She specializes in teaching striving readers using individualized multi-sensory explicit instruction. She is also a Maine state certified Literacy Specialist with a Master's Degree in Literacy. Sarah has more than 13 years of public school experience teaching reading in addition to the time she has spent in private practice. Sarah loves seeing the confidence in her students grow as they blossom into more capable readers. 

Contact Information:
Sarah Rimkunas
Gorham, Maine

Give us a call to find out if our program would benefit your child or student. 
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